“I had my first CoolSculpting procedure 6 weeks ago. I used it for my abdomen and flank which were bothering me. I work out and exercise but I still have these “love handles” which my wife calls it. They used 2 machines at the same time – called DualSculpting. It’s basically 2 CoolSculpting machines taking care of both sides at once. The procedure was very easy as they applied the gel and then a device that gave an instant cooling sensation. 20 minutes later – they removed the applicator and massaged the area. It wasn’t painful – just felt cold in the beginning. But after a minute – you get used to it and then I started checking emails on my phone. There was NO Downtime! There was some numbness and that is to be expected. After several weeks – the numbness went away and so did 25% of my fat in that area. This is permanently gone. I’m looking forward to coming back for another treatment.”